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Construction. Accidents. Rain Delays.

Central Florida is home to a wide variety of issues causing headaches to drivers. All of them can lead to road rage. So what exactly happens when a road rage incident escalates? Are you covered?

In many auto insurance policies road rage incidents aren’t considered to truly be an accident because they are caused by risky behavior. Not only could you be on the hook for damages, but it can also result in a situation where someone faces criminal charges for the incident.

What happens when emotions run hot and one driver gets physical with the other after the initial collision? While the victim of the assault can pursue legal action and the authorities will be involved, insurance will rarely cover the injuries due to the assault being seen as an intentional act after the incident.

Regardless of how minor or major the outcome of road rage is, a report always should be made to your insurance agent. Connect with our experts here to discuss your coverage. (By the way…that I4 Ultimate project? We are still looking at another two years before it is scheduled to be completed.)